Meeting Room Amstelveen

Cityden Stadshart in Amstelveen offers a variety of rooms to make every business meeting a success. Whether you are looking for new inspiration, closing a deal, or sharing your knowledge with the team – we have a space that is perfect for you!

Meet & Work

With new ways of working remotely, offices are becoming a thing of the past for many people. And although we get a lot done through video meetings these days, nothing beats meeting face to face. This is where we come in! Hire a room that fits your needs for only the time you need it.

Brainstorm Room

Looking for a meeting room to get inspired in? To get those creative juices flowing? This playfully designed room pushes you out of the box and gets you thinking. A great place for a brainstorming session with your team. Brilliant ideas are always on their way in the Shine Bright Room!

Boardroom & Conference Room

Getting your key team members together should not happen in just any room. The Extra (S)Mile Room is up for the challenge and will become your first choice when looking for a comfortable and stimulating space to discuss and make major decisions based on big ideas.

Multi-functional Space

Use this multi-functional space for a workshop, training or any other kind of interactive event. Move things around and make the space truly yours, to fit your needs. The big screen always comes in handy, and there is easy access to the pantry for a well-earned break.

Looking for something else?

Cityden has so much more to offer. Check out our full range of original meeting venues across our sister properties dotted around the coolest districts in Amsterdam.

Meeting Room with Lunch

Combine a meeting with lunch at our restaurant Lucia’s, included in our full-day meeting pack. Feed your brain by picking a delicious dish from the international menu to keep up the good work.

Or for shorter meetings, treat it as a celebratory end of great achievement. Either way, you’ve earned it! 

Make it a multi-day event

Sometimes you need more than one day with your team to accomplish incredible things or to bond a little more. Cityden Stadshart has a range of different studios and apartments, offering a comfortable stay for all.